Follow-Up Human Rights and EVAW Workshop in Aitutaki 2015

Getting a second opportunity in only a month to be in beautiful Aitutaki and deliver a meaningful and critical workshop doesn’t come often, however Office Manager Nga Teinangaro and VAWCC Rebeka Buchanan made an impact on the island for the second time in October. The Aitutaki Island Council requested PTI return for a follow-up workshop and joined in the programme, learning about what human rights are and their limits, types of international HR instruments, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and those closer to PTI: the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women and Convention on the Rights of the Child. They then learnt more about those instruments closer to home: the Family Law Bill and Revised Crimes Act Bill. In the community, Teinangaro and Buchanan went from village to village delivering the EVAW programme to an interested community (more interested maybe in who this Aitutakian Nga Teinangaro is and what she has to say!). Starting in Rangi Pae Uta e Rangi Pae Tai Hall in Arenikau, the dynamic duo went around to Teupoko Enua Hall and finally Vaipaepae o Pau Hall discussing Punanga Tauturu’s work in the community, including our stats on domestic violence incidents in Rarotonga and Aitutaki, what domestic violence is and how to prevent it, and its impact not only on the local community but on the nation and it’s economy as a whole.
Punanga Tauturu would like to say a big meitaki atupaka to the Aitutaki community and Island Council and a special one to the Aitutaki Youth & Family Prevention Committee and members – Junior Tamati, Eric Lander, Shelley Tavai, Kaleena Davey, Tapita Solomona Tikiteina, Papa Tei Lockington, Maitoe Henry, Len Toi, Maki Toko, Tepaeru Cameron, Sergeant Tukua Putu and Tara Tschan-Toi; also to Pastor Charlie Taamo, Amiria Davey, Terangi Tamati, Teetu Tschan, Putangi Mose, Retire Puapii, Johanna Gifford, Tuakana Vahua, Matangaro Isamaela, Potini Regina Potini, Mataio Karore, Temanu Unuka, Maki Toko and Twin Ruarangi.







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