Lets talk about it – Radio talk show

A Radio talk back show in relation to the White Ribbon campaign was organised by George George the male advocate officer against domestic violence as a support to PTI. The Cook Island assistant DV unit Police officer  Teau Rakei and the New Zealand DV unit Police officer Charlene Peters discussed about the domestic violence procedures when domestic violence incident occurs and to further discuss about the Police role in the White ribbon day campaign.

  New Zealand DV unit Police officer Charlene Peters with PTI president Inano McMurchy.

The Lawyer Wilkie Rasmussen represented PTI on legal matters regarding domestic violence incidents and Non molestation orders or court orders or the rights of the victims and perpetrators and the appropriate procedures to follow in relation to domestic violence. Further discussion on the Domestic violence section in the Family Law bill and issues regarding the Crimes Act in relation to the Family law bill.

The Ministry of Education Eitiare Vano was also present to raise awareness about the parenting tool as an early intervention strategy to break the domestic violence cycle. The effective parenting focused on how to rear and nurture children appropriately and in strengthening good or strong family bond to maintain a healthy relationship within the family unit.

 PTI information booth with committee member Ann Taruia.

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