The 16 Days Campaign to White Ribbon Day

Part of the campaign was not only to raise awareness on Family violence but was used as an opportunity to raise funds for small projects, future white ribbon assistance, resources.  T-shirts were sold at $25.00 as well as the  distribution of the white ribbon to the general public with gold coin donation. PTI continues to sell t-shirts from its office to members of the public and we hope to build on the momentum from this year to plan in advance for the White Ribbon Day campaign for 2017 with continual partnership with all key stakeholders.

Ura fitness organizers Avera Hunter and Alana Short offered their time to organise a Ura fitness activity on the 1st November 2016 as one of the 16 days campaign for the month leading to the actual white ribbon day. Tickets were sold and presold leading to the activity aimed to take place outside the Auditorium on the allocate day and donated to assist and support PTI. The ura fitness also advocates awareness on domestic violence aimed for women living in such a situation and to use ura fitness as part of their health coping mechanism to ensure wellness. Key stakeholders, PTI clients, Honorable Rose Brown was also present identified as one of the strongest advocate on domestic violence, Bredina of INTAFF, BCI manager Vaine Arioka & staff, Rotoract, youth, NGOs and many people in the community attended the activity. Thank you for the HUGE support.


Coordinated by Avera & Alana
URA FITNESS activity on the day.



URA FITNESS as one of many coping mechanism skills.


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