Bluesky Human resource – Basic counselling skills training

Basic counselling skills was delivered to the Bluesky Human resource personnel as part of their professional development training and to assist with their management skills in being able to provide the appropriate support and assistance  to Bluesky staff. The training also focused on picking up early at risk signs among the staff in relation to the increasing number of suicide attempts identified in the Cook Islands who are unable to cope with relationship issues, staff experiencing domestic violence, grieving when loved ones passed away and everyday frustration or stresses in life. The Human resource personnel will also be trained on how to deliver mediation counselling for the staff as well as division line managers.

The basic counselling skills was delivered for four half days beginning at 9 am and ending at 1 pm. At the end of the training a certificate was presented to the participants on completion of the training. PTI Counsellor Nga Teinangaro provided a group session for one division in relation to grief and how to deal with it especially with the passing away of loved ones.

Bluesky Basic counselling skills training with the Human resource.

 Thank you Bluesky for the donation & very much appreciated from all the PTI staff, president and committee members.

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